Falco - Oberto Airaudi, 1950 - 2013

Falco - Oberto Airaudi

Falco Memorial Fund

This memorial fund has been created to allow friends and supporters of Damanhur to honor Falco in a practical and substantive way.  In his lifetime, Falco was an ardent financial supporter of the construction and maintenance of The Temples of Humankind, the heart of Damanhurian life. We have chosen to direct contributions made in honor of Falco’s departure from the physical plane toward the completion of the artistic elements in The Labyrinth, the hall in the Temples dedicated to all of the “Peoples of the Planet;” their cultures, histories and the divine forces linked to them.


Donors contributing $500 or more will receive a memorial hardcopy limited edition of Falco’s book “Beyond Life.


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