Falco - Oberto Airaudi, 1950 - 2013

Falco - Oberto Airaudi


Falco (Oberto Airaudi) 1950 — 2013

Falco’s story is one of a man who believed so strongly in his dreams that he was able to bring others into his vision and inspire them to dream too.
It is also the story of a man who forever forged ahead with his life.

Falco was born in 1950 in Balangero, near Turin and from a very early age showed unusual abilities: healing the injuries of his friends, enlivening their games with visions and wonders – amazing them and sometimes his parents as well. He continuously tested the co-existence of natural and supernatural laws.

By the time he founded the Horus Centre in Turin, at the age of 25, he was already a well known pranatherapist, parapsychologist, medium and hypnotist; touring Italy participating in various conventions with his friends.  Friends who would later become the founders of Damanhur.

With them he shared what he believed to be his mission: the creation of a spiritual society based on research and practical action, in which men and women could experiment together to find a new balance between human beings, divine and natural forces. This mission was the reason he had been granted such unusual powers and a charisma that went well beyond his friendly and gentle demeanour.

When Falco leaves his body in June 2013, his achievements are visible for everyone to see: Damanhur, a Federation with over twenty five communities, more than 600 citizens and an international outreach featuring Damanhurian centres and supporters worldwide; more than thirty original books, translated into numerous languages; Selfica, a discipline combining handmade products, usually made of copper, which provide the possibility of an exchange of vital energy for their owners; visionary paintings, sold globally and exhibited in Moscow, San Francisco and New York; and of course, the Temples of Humankind, the extraordinary spiritual and artistic creation excavated by hand into a mountain in the Canavese area, a communal work in which every Damanhurian citizen has been involved.  A Temple that Falco, as a youngster, had first attempted to build on his family’s land in Balangero.

Falco was a man deeply convinced of his mission and therefore capable of dedicating himself to it with incredible energy and consistency. In addition to his smile, his vivid intelligence and his ongoing ingenuity, what was striking about him was his constant focus on the project of Damanhur, to which he dedicated his total attention. For those who met Falco: it was impossible not to be infected by his vitality and desire to take action and create a new world, with Damanhur as a starting point.

Falco was a great creator of emotion filled myths through which he could explain universal truths: the point, long ago and far away, when an alien is sent to Earth to trigger a “separation of planes” and restore balance on the planet, the Primeval Divinity as a mirror that shatters into a myriad of fragments in order to enter every form in our universe. These are episodes in the story of the world and life, a mixture of esotericism, philosophy, tradition and the need for innovation from which Damanhur derives its experience.

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