Falco - Oberto Airaudi, 1950 - 2013

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The creation of the Temples requires a great investment: Helping the Temples to grow means belief in the greatness of humanity and in the renaissance of our world. For almost 40 years, Damanhurians, with Falco in the lead, have devoted all their resources to this.  Today Falco is no longer on this plane of existence, but the creation continues: each new work in the Temples is a note in the song of the awakening of all humanity. A hymn made more powerful by the voices of all the sensitive people who want to support the creation of this unique free cathedral. This first joyful commitment to Falco's Memorial Fund is dedicated to all peoples and the Divine Forces linked to them, through the completion of the Labyrinth.


The Temples of Humankind 

The First Wonder for a new world 

The Temples of Humankind are a one-of-a-kind work of sacred art. They are unique thanks to the devotion of Damanhurians who created them completely by hand; for the love of life and the beauty that permeates every inch of mosaic, every stroke of color, every piece of glass in order to create a bridge between our ancient past, our present and a future of human and spiritual harmony. 
The Temples are an example of how a small group of people united by a strong ideal can create an extraordinary work, and turn an impossible dream into reality. They are testimony to hope, optimism and faith in the goodness of human nature. 
The Temples are a song to the most sacred essence of the human soul, as well as a magical instrument to connect the divine within every human being and the Higher Forces that, allied to humanity, can open new paths of peace and evolution for our planet and her people.

When you donate to the continued growth of The Temples of Humankind, you add your consciousness and hand to this important collective realization.

The Halls of the Temples

The myriad works of art hosted in the Temples give each Hall a unique atmosphere. Each room is a page of a great book of knowledge, in which every color, every size and every detail have a meaning.

The Hall of Mirrors, 15 meters high (49 ft),  is home to the largest Tiffany glass dome in the world. This room is connected to air, to light and spirituality.

The Hall of Spheres, adorned in gold leaf, contains eleven spheres connected to the Synchronic Lines, the grid of energy that surrounds our planet; known by the ancient Chinese as "The Back of the Dragon ."

The Hall of Metals is devoted to time, to the different ages and experiences of human life.

The Hall of Water is connected to the feminine principle, to memory and the cycles of life. Fully painted, it hosts a precious Tiffany glass dome, and stained glass windows dedicated to the moon .

The two circular Halls of the Earth are connected by steps drawing the infinity sign to represent the link of our planet to the rest of the universe. In the Upper Room , dedicated to the male principle, stand eight precious columns in white china and decorated in gold leaf. On the walls the allegorical history of our planet and of the universe is painted.

On the central column of the Lower Room, a man and a woman with their faces covered in gold leaf represent the union of the masculine and feminine giving life  and the divine nature of the human being. The many animals painted on the walls are all in danger of extinction: this room is an ark to preserve their memory .

The Blue Temple, the first room to be built, is dedicated to the birth of the Temples. The mosaic floor is decorated with a female figure representing  idealism and beauty. An ingeniously hidden staircase leads to the lower levels.

The Labyrinth, dedicated to the harmony and unity of all nations of the earth and their divine forces, is not completed yet. The paintings along the central nave tell the story of humanity from prehistory to the present; those yet to be realized on the new naves will represent the Divine Forces of all the peoples of the world. To the gods of all times and all peoples are also dedicated precious stained glass windows: more than thirty are already in place, many more are yet to be made.

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Windows still to be completed: Kwan Yin, Koui, Indra, Ishtar, Braga, Palk, Batchué, Ahsonnutli, Arlik Qan, Buga, Khonvum, Hermes, Loa, Tu.Ma.tavenga.

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