Falco - Oberto Airaudi, 1950 - 2013

Falco - Oberto Airaudi


What did Falco mean to you?

For Damanhurians, Falco was our inspiration, motivator and spiritual guide. He freed our originality and ignited our imaginations and will to build a new civilization, with The Temples of Humankind as its heart. This collective work of art, created by the hands and consciousness of every Damanhurian, is dedicated to the revelation of humanity as a united soul force in the universe. Falco often said that nothing is impossible if we believe in our dreams and that money is the challenge of our time. We face this challenge daily as we build a concrete new reality with the potential for growth. Falco personally made sure the Temples of Humankind were sustained financially. His passing means that the Temples must find new visionaries who see themselves reflected in Falco’s dream and will join us as we strive to prevent money from standing in the way of dreams realized. Please be generous in your support to continue Falco’s life work - Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind.

We hope you will take the time to share how Falco impacted your life and what he means to you, and include your thoughts in the comment area below your donation.

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