Falco - Oberto Airaudi, 1950 - 2013

Labyrinth: KWAN YIN stained glass window

The Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin, whose name means, “She who listens to the world’s laments and frees from suffering,” is the Goddess of kindness, pity and grace, the mother of compassion and healing. She is also known as “The Lady who brings children,” because she provides children to those who have none. She brings peace to the battlefield. They say if someone is in danger, Kwan Yin races to help him, while at the same time she heals the sick who ask for her help.

The Tiffany stained-glass technique:
The design of the Kwan Yin, Tiffany-style stained glass window, includes an elaboration of Sacred Language ideograms which highlight the characteristics and elements represented in the Divinity. In this window of the Goddess, we have realized elements which represent kindness, grace, healing motherhood, her conveyance of love, endurance, nourishment, wisdom and the water of life.

The Cold Painted central part of the window:
To create Kwan Yin’s image in the middle of the window, we referenced classical iconography which shows her as a thin maiden, in a flowing white dress, carrying a symbol of purity, the white lotus flower, in her left hand.

The image we drew is, in fact, a smiling young Chinese girl, with her head slightly tilted, to symbolize kindness and welcoming, characteristics she represents in mythology. The veil around the maiden’s head says that she is the Bride of Humankind, as she swore not to abandon the human world for as long as even one man suffers or is in pain.

White is the dominant color, representing purity, just as the lotus flower does. We also portrayed a full bowl of ripe rice, a metaphor for fertility and nourishment according to the iconography which represents her.

A dragon, ancient symbol of spirituality and wisdom, is portrayed on the rice bowl, representing the divine skill of transformation. The color of the bowl is solar yellow and green, symbolizing vitality and birth. To link these attributes to children, we have added specific signs in Sacred Language.

In addition, the Water of Life vessel, bountiful with miraculous healing and clearing properties, is present. In Sacred Language there is the sign of the universal Feminine Principle of which Kwan Yin herself is a representative. In many images she wears the pearls of enlightenment.

Devotion to Kwan Yin is often manifested through the ritual of dance which we represented in the painted part of the window.

Finally, in Sacred Language we wrote this sentence: “She who sees the words of the world,” to show her capacity for deep listening and the connection with all creatures.

In the central part of every window you can find the sign of the Horusian year in which it has been produced. This window had been created in the 39th year.

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